In the time since The Morgan Wallen Incident, the country music industry has reacted in ways both predictable and unexpected. The immediate censure of Wallen led some to wonder if we were finally at a tipping point, but we were also reminded that “country music is a family,” as many of the same peers who’d criticized his actions one day circled their wagons the next. …

Lived Through This

A tornado decimated our town. Now, we’re fighting a pandemic.

A photo of a gray sky in Nashville.
A photo of a gray sky in Nashville.
Photo: Vicki Jett Terry

Imagine for a second that you wake up one morning and your neighborhood has been destroyed. Houses flattened, trees vanished. The bars are gone or at least shuttered, as are the restaurants; your chiropractor and your yoga studio and the fancy wine shop and the pizza place and the hardware store and the plant shop and the liquor store and the rock clubs and the pet food store and the art supply store and the tea house are, too.

You can’t get to the dog park because the roads are blocked with fallen limbs and telephone poles, and the streets…

whitney pastorek

no one of consequence

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